“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

When Rickie Harmon started Kind Women on Facebook with the intention of changing the world through women being kind, I decided to join forces with her. There are now over 1500 women who are part of the Kind Women community on Facebook and that is marvelous. However it is not the best thing about kindness in my life.

What happened for me when I joined Rickie in this
Kindness adventure was totally unexpected.

I considered myself to be a spiritually aware human being. I’ve always thought I was a kind person. I was shocked to learn that although I’ve been working on my spiritual self for a long time, I was not as kind as I thought.  I was “liking” posts on Facebook and Twitter that were mean—making fun of others, lambasting this or that politician, pointing fingers at those who think differently than myself.

I began to realize that I had to make an effort.
In order to support Kind Women I had to practice kindness!

What happened to me as I began to change how I interacted on social media was that I became a kinder person in my actual practice of daily living.  Now I don’t want to suggest that I became a Goddess of Kindness!! No. My feet are still very much made of clay. BUT if you’ll allow the metaphor just a bit more: I found that my feet began to walk a different path and in that journey my soul is becoming more at peace and my life is getting a little easier. Now, not only my feet, but my soul are on a journey to be one with kindness. This means it is not just talk about kindness but being kind.

Talking doesn’t change anything!
It is in the doing where we can change everything.

This is not to imply I’m always perfect. However, I am daily trying to be kinder in all my interactions and with myself too. It takes effort to become kinder. It takes effort to not gossip. It takes effort to not judge others. It takes effort to not point fingers. It takes effort to not ridicule. Yet, when I practice kindness first, I feel better about life and about myself and the world around me.

Who knew that practicing kindness in social media
Would be a key factor in my spiritual growth?

I would love to hear your stories about how working to be kind brings the Power of Kindness into your life in unexpected ways. It has been the start of an incredible journey for me!