“We rise by lifting others”–Robert Ingersoll

It is sometimes hard–surprisingly hard–to be kind when the world around us seems to be in turmoil. At this time in our country, we are experiencing a lot of change and also a lot of threat of change. It is may seen to be more difficult to find a path to keep ourselves on a kindness path. In fact it may seem to be a real struggle.

“No act of kindness is ever wasted”–Aesop

I have received many acts of kindness over the past several weeks and these have helped me to keep my head above the turbulent waters that surround us. In each of these acts of kindness there has been one overriding theme. “I care about you.” And, that my dears, has made the difference in helping me to keep from spinning into the darkness of despair in spite of the deep grief and turmoil of these past few months.

“One kind word can change someone’s day.”–unknown author

My call to you today, kind people of the world, is to utter at least one kind word of encouragement to at least one person. You may change their day in profound ways that you may never know. We never know how deep another person’s sorrow or sadness is but we do know what we can do to help. Kind words will create kindness in every person we meet. Those little words of kindness will change the world.